Why sail with us

My mission

It is very basic – make this trip the most memorable experience in your life.
I’d also like to ‘infect you’ with a sailing virus – in case you’ve never sailed before.

Why sailing after all?

I’ve read recently, that one of the most important missions for humankind in the 21st century is to find a way to make people happy. I like this goal, and would like to contribute to it.

I believe that cruising on the sea is one of the most universal and the best remedies to the anxiety and existential fears. It allows releasing tremendous amounts of joy and satisfaction, teaches you how to be content from a very little things in life, provides with a satisfaction of achieved objectives and joy of spending time with like-minded people. Sailing will teach you teamwork and will help you go out of your comfort zone. On sails you’ll meet new people, so you may network, make new connections and friendships.

Irrespectively if it is quiet anchoring in paradise coast of Croatia or struggle with swell and wind in the Bay of Biscay, all associated emotions and experiences can be found onboard with us. We’re certain that if you decide to trust us and spend holiday sailing with me, you’ll just feel happier and enriched with truly unique experience having in your memory stunning landscapes. Perhaps you’ll get inspired to the other journeys and taste slow life at its fullest.

Why us?

We don’t want to pretend that we’re someone we’re not. So if you’re after ‘luxurious charter’ with a brand new boat, and crew cleaning toilets with a toothbrush – it is a wrong place, and please don’t book trips with us. We’d not stand you being disappointed.

But if you’re looking for unique atmosphere, adventure, cool people, and cosy accommodation on the water, but at the same time maintaining the highest safety and seamanship standards as well as politeness and kindness onboard – you are in the right place. Trips with us is the opportunity to forget yourselves while visiting amazing places and seeing them from a totally different perspective.

You’ll find some unique services if you decide to sail with me. You’ll have access to business / professional advisory as part of “Wise man on the boat” package, as well as an opportunity to rate skipper immediately after the cruise. Those are unique on the sailing market.

I sail. It is constant.

We don’t like to sit in one place and that’s why our boat is our base. We try to plan our trips this way that it is a blend of “sailing classics” but also slow discovery of the places where hardly anyone sails. We plan our cruises for the entire season, following the agenda prepared earlier. Coming with us, you’ll know that you’re part of something bigger, some longer journey.

Broad portfolio of the sailing trips

We don’t stick to sailing in just one place – it would be just boring for us. You’ll find in our portfolio trips where we’ll mostly chill and don’t do too much: we anchor or stay in marina and cook a homemade dinner, bake a cake and empty bottle of rum.

We’ll make bonfires, go fishing or kayaking, and relax on the beach, and we cover around hundred – hundred and fifty nautical miles.

But you’ll find as well sea sailing adventures, long passages, milebuilding experiences, where divided in the watch system you’ll be standing at the helm at 3 a.m. in the morning celebrating the first rays of sun. We’ll certainly see the land – at the beginning and at the end of the trip, but your sailing log will record 500 or 600 miles in the course of the week.

Boat has been chosen to be able to safely navigate practically anywhere, not only for its look on the pictures. Boat has construction category A meaning that she can withstand waves over 4 meters height and wind above 8 Beaufort scale. Because of the equipment she’s coded to category B, which means we can easily sail up to 200 miles from the shore line. More about the boat can be found in the section: yacht. There is a heating, warm water and full safety equipment onboard.

We’ll cruise in Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, France, Spain and Portugal. We’ll sail into places like: Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Faroe Islands, Shetlands, Porto, Lisbon and Canary Islands.

We learn and teach

Skipper will make sure that this trip is also educational for you. Will give you good feedback about your sailing skills, and will honestly advise on the future development of the sailing skills. We issue certificates of the sea passage at the end of each trip.

Ideas? Let’s get in touch

If you have any sailing, sailing holidays idea, or in general idea which you think we could do together – let me know. Contact me I’ll be honoured to discuss.