How does sailing improve your dating rating

This may be a bit controversial article, but yes, sailing can increase your chances in finding your second half, or at least improve your dating rating. As it is a Valentine Day today – let me try to explain you why:

1. You’ll do something very different than majority of the people.

Something that in general perception is dangerous and extreme (which in most of the cases isn’t). You’ll be perceived as adventurous, and full of passion. 

2. You’ll have plenty of stories to tell

And with a little bit of storytelling gift – you can easily talk for three – four hours about one week trip. I’ve personally heard someone who described his sailing journey for five consecutive days. Continuously. You can make two hours out of it. At least.

3. You’ll gain self confidence

Especially boosted when you sail through the night in conditions which are just a bit more rough than calm. Especially, that during sailing adventures, you’re just forced to get out of your comfort zone. Space is limited, people you usually don’t know, they occasionally represent view of the world which is totally strange to you. Take it as it is, express yourself and embrace it all. Also, completion of a long passage will give you feeling of accomplishment of something remarkable. You’ll feel awesome and let yourself shine.

4. You’ll lose some weight

But, you need to spend some time on the boat to see the effect of it. It probably works this way, that as a boat constantly and so does your body trying to compensate for this movement. It isn’t cardio training, but continuous motion day and night. Additionally: you’ll usually eat very regularly, and if you sail on a cold seas it is chilly, so your body uses more calories. If it can be scientifically proven -no clue. But if you look at Trautman brothers, famous for sailing for over a decade onboard of Delos – there has to be something in it.

5. You’ll have tan like never before

You’ll have the most amazing tan you can imagine. UV rays reflected by the sea give tan which cannot be compared to any other. See yourself on Tinder? Slim and tanned?

6. It is opportunity to get to know well other singles

There are plenty of singles on sailing adventures – you increase your chance to meet someone onboard without this weird feeling and anxiety on how to make a first move, how to approach, what to say. You just say: ‘Hi, my name is… It’s a pleasure that we’ll spend the next week together’. Should it happen it is someone you like: perfect! You’ll have all week (or more) long to talk, get to know each other in the middle of the ocean, without phones distracting you. It is a great opportunity to open up. On top of that imagine: short stay in the harbor, great weather, you on one boat, some beauty of the opposite (or the same) gender on the other. Deep look in the eyes. Sense of urgency, rush of blood… you feel me?

And they lived happily…

So let’s say you found him or her. And you lived happily ever after, but everyday routine kicks in, and you’re not sure what to do, to keep this other half with you. Answer for that doubt is even simpler:

Go sailing again, alone.

If you go alone on the trip and your wife / girfriend / boyfriend / husband stay at home, they’ll become jealous a bit, but will also miss you a lot, and will be  so happy once you’re finally back home.. Even in the best relationships it is necessary to miss someone from time to time.

Happy Valentines!

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