How sailing can boost your career

It is a well known fact, that travelling and the way you spend your time somehow define you as a person. Going on holiday to a resort which looks the same as taken straight from the city center of town, chilling by the swimming pool and occasionally going to the beach or some organized tours will be for sure relaxing, but will it help you grow?

Sailing at sea or the ocean is the activity which allows you both:  to help relax and at the same time: to learn. A lot. I’ve put together 10 reasons how sailing can help you boost your career, and grow personally. Have a good read and think where would you like to sail on your next holiday.

  • If you choose the right place to start, and most importantly the right skipper to start with, you’ll probably see very interesting types of leadership. Boat captains are taught to run a happy boat but at the same time they must maintain the highest safety standards, which requires a lot of assertiveness. This is a rare blend of personal skills you’ll encounter and take an example from.
  • You’ll do something different than most of the people. Imagine office conversations about holiday, and everyone saying ‘well this Tunisia all inclusive was really shit this year, they haven’t had my most favourite Chardonnay this time’ versus yours ‘I sailed the Biscay Bay this summer’.  It makes you immediately stand out from the crowd and noticed by your colleagues and superiors.
  • You’ll learn a lot of interesting stuff if you are only willing to. Marine world is organized in a very interesting way. There are plenty of rules and regulations, plenty of techniques of staying safe at sea and not get lost. Plenty of ways of organizing life onboard the vessel. It will open a completely new world for you, and if you decide to proceed with your sailing hobby – learn a lot of new knowledge. Maybe some of the marine solutions will work for your industry? Maybe you can bring something new from your industry to sailing and boost the results of your company?
  • You’ll see on your own eyes all those theories saying about how the groups are forming. Should you join the cabin charter cruise which you’ll most likely do on the beginning, you’ll see how in the matter of hours group of people who don’t know each other at all, becomes fully efficient team cooperating towards common goal. This is fascinating observation for anyone who is leading teams at work. If you’re mindful and see this process accelerated on the yacht – you’ll probably be able to see it later on at work. 
  • You network. A lot. There are all kinds of people coming for the sailing cruises. You’re in a small space, immediately having the opportunity to interact. You’ll meet: doctors, managers, company owners, specialists of all industries. These contacts are just given to you, and may become your friendships should you decide to continue them after the cruise. They’re always very natural and close. Who knows if your new mate from the cruise will not become your co-worker, boss or subordinate one year?

  • You’re moving out of your comfort zone which helps you grow and makes you happy. Living on a confined space for few days is really helping you grow your empathy and help you reading other people and their needs much better. These soft skills are highly regarded no matter in which country or industry you work or what position you have.
  • You gain distance and confidence – and it’s ALWAYS good to develop your career. Whenever next time someone is unhappy with the excel you have prepared, you just need to recall the time when you’ve been hit by the rough weather somewhere in the North Sea. This really helps you putting the excel into the right perspective.
  • If you go on organized sea – cruise, the only thing you have to worry is how to get to the start and how to depart at the end. Rest will be taken care of by the organizer, who’ll make sure you’re safe. This is really relaxing, and you will return much more rested than from any other holiday, and getting really relaxed on holiday is a key to self – motivate you at your work. Guaranteed.
  • You get inspired by others. Like it was mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of people sailing. There are plenty of conversations and stories flying around all the time. You learn from them, you can use them for your benefit in the future.
  • If you’re in social media or influencing – I guarantee that pictures onboard the yacht or at its helm will be the ones with the most likes and comments. Unless you are aerobatic pilot.

So, where will you sail on your next holiday?

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