Summer III

This is a common part of both scenarios. We optimistically believe that by late August 2021 sailing will happen without further restrictions.
It will be worth it: Biscay Bay done differently than usual – instead of one long passage, we’d like to jump from harbour to harbour and explore French coast, see the Basque Country and Northern Spain.
Once we reach Lisbon – one stationary cruise either to Porto or Faro area.
Afterwards two one – way cruises: Lisbon Malaga, and Malaga – Palma de Mallorca.

From To Start Finish On the way
21/08 04/09 St. Nazaire Lisbon Basque Country, France, Porto
11/09 19/09 Lisbon Lisbon Porto or Faro
19/09 25/09 Lizbona Malaga Gibraltar Straits
25/09 02/10 Malaga Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands


2021 Season will end for Flying Polishman and its crew on Cyprus, where boat will spend winter. But earlier, very slow cruises along Mediterranean. Two week stages will allow to visit many interesting places like Malta, Crethe, Greece or Turkey.

From To Start Finish On the way
02/10 09/10 Palma de Mallorca Malta Sardinia
11/09 30/10 Malta Athens Crete, Cyclades
06/11 20/11 Ateny Cyprus Rhodes, Antalya
20/11 27/11 Cyprus Cyprus