Mission statement

My mission is to make sure that you’ll have an unforgettable holiday, which you’ll recall for many years. I’m here as well to show you that sea sailing is a great pass time and that becoming a sailor will give you identity, which perhaps you’ve been searching for for a long time. 

I’d like you to see that sea cruises isn’t something that is available only for the selected ones. Adventure is a privilege that can be easily acquired by every single human being on this planet, regardless of age, nationality, gender, or marital status.

My values:

Honesty – I won’t tell you that something is right if something goes wrong. I’ll openly communicate all the issues should they occur. I’ll not charge you any hidden fees or hide anything from you. I’ll always share with you my opinion based on my best judgment. And I’ll expect the same from you – be honest with your feedback. If I screw up, I’ll try to make it up.

Adventure spirit – I’ll take you off the usual paths, and we’ll find new places together and experience new stuff together

Positivity – will do my best to remain positive and optimistic all the time. Sometimes it might be hard, but then I count on you to keep the spirit high.

Teamwork – It is our collective responsibility that you’ll enjoy the cruise. Our goal is the same: your satisfaction from the journey.