“Finnish” Scenario

Spring I

If we’re forced to stay in Baltic – we’ll try to follow the most attractive agenda. After two Gdańsk round trips „wherever wind takes us”, I’d like to invite you for two weeks round trip Gdańsk – Gdańsk via Baltic States and Gotland.

From To Start Finish On the way
10/04 17/04 Gdańsk Gdańsk Wherever wind blows
10/04 24/04 Gdańsk Gdańsk Wherever wind blows
24/04 08/05 Gdańsk Gdańsk Estonia and Latvia

Spring II

Second part of Baltic Spring we’ll spend exploring Aland Islands, Turku Archipelago and Gulf of Finland, as well as Northern Coast of Estonia. Operational bases in this region will be Turku and Helsinki.

From To Start Finish On the way
15/05 29/05 Gdańsk Turku Stockholm or Riga
10/04 05/06 Turku Helsinki Tallin / Aland Islands
05/06 13/06 Helsinki Helsinki Narwa, Tallin
13/06 22/06 Helsinki Gdańsk Gotland or Latvia

Summer I

Summertime in Baltic will consist of an adventure to the Northernmost corner of Baltic and Bothnian Bay. Meanwhile we continue exploration of Aland Islands. In August along eastern coast of Sweden we’ll sail to Swinoujscie, and afterwards via Kiel Canal to Amsterdam.

From To Start Finish On the way
26/06 10/07 Gdańsk Helsinki Stockholm / Aland Islands
10/07 24/07 Helsinki Sztokholm Tornio (Bothnian Bay)
24/07 31/07 Sztokholm Świnoujście Karlskrona

Summer II

Last journey of the Finnish Scenario, will be „sailing classic” – along English Channel from Amsterdam to St. Nazaire with one or two stops either in England or in France.

From To Start Finish On the way
07/08 14/08 Świnoujście Amsterdam Kiel Canal
14/08 21/08 Amsterdam St Nazaire English Channel