“Scottish” Scenario

Spring I

In first part of the Spring, after Baltic warm – up, I’d like to invite you for three stages of the adventure. We commence in Gdańsk and finish in Bergen, Norway.
Copenhagen – Thyboron stage might be particularly interesting for those who like inland sailing – we’ll take shortcut across Denmark and proceed in channels, lakes and rivers

From To Start Finish On the way
10/04 17/04 Gdańsk Gdańsk Wherever wind blows
17/04 24/04 Gdańsk Copenhagen Bornholm, Ustka, Kołobrzeg
24/04 01/05 Copenhagen Thyboron Limfjord, Aalborg
01/05 08/05 Thyboron Bergen Stavanger

Spring II

Second part of the adventure will take us across the North Sea to Shetlands and Faroes, and will end in Western Scotland.
Later, for those who’d like to have a quick glance on Westrern Scotland – passage from Ullapool to Liverpool.

From To Start Finish On the way
15/05 29/05 Bergen Ullapool Faroes, Shetlands
29/05 05/06 Ullapool Liverpool Isle of Man, Hebrides

Summer I

First part of Summer will be an exploration of wonders of the nature of Western Scotand. Cruises will start and end in Ardrossan (nearby Glasgow).
Two week trips will allow no – rush exploration of national parks, bird sanctuaries, caves and whisky distilleries, as well as some abandoned places like St. Kilda.

For those who’d like to visit Northern Ireland and Isle of Man – two trips in the beginning and in the end of this period.
From To Start Finish On the way
13/06 19/06 Liverpool Ardrossan Isle od Man, Hebrides
26/06 10/07 Ardrossan Ardrossan Wherever wind takes us
10/07 24/07 Ardrossan Ardrossan Wherever wind takes us
24/07 31/07 Ardrossan Dublin Wherever wind takes us

Summer II

Second part of summer will be a journey across Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly to Plymouth.

Later on, visiting famous Jesey and Guernsey with the most extreme tidal ranges in Europe – jump to Normandy, Brest and St. Nazaire.

From To Start Finish On the way
07/08 14/08 Dublin Plymouth Milford Haven, Wales, Scilly Islands
14/08 21/08 Plymouth St Nazaire Jersey, Guernsey, Brest