Skipper internship

For most of the sea – going sailors there are two most difficult moments: to go for the first cruise ever, and to take command of the the sea going vessel.

Preparation of the trip and amount of the things to remember may appear overwhelming, hence it’s good to do it under supervision of someone more experienced.

On the trips offered by me, you’ll have the opportunity to become skipper – and I’ll help you not to forget the most important stuff.

As part of the internship you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare a passage plan
  • How to make a safety briefing for the crew
  • How to set up watch schedule
  • How in practice do you operate the radio
  • How to do yacht check prior to the departure
  • You’ll train harbour manouvers and docking techniques
  • You’ll learn as well how to run a happy boat, so that people will actually enjoy participating in the journey
  • Do some terrestrial and blind navigation

Condition – you need to have at least RYA Day Skipper or equivalent to use this service