What do I need to start sailing at sea?

That’s very frequent question. Answer is very simple and straightforward. Willingness and a little bit of time.

To start sailing at sea, if you’ve never done that before, you’ll need to find:

  1. Reliable sailing cruise organizer or someone from your family having a boat. Or alternatively charter a yacht by yourself, find skipper and another six people to share the cost of charter with you.
  2. Good mood
  3. A bit of courage

Many people are concerned if they need some sophisticated equipment. Answer is yes and no and depends on your budget available.

Foul weather gear can be expensive if you go on the trip where it might be needed. Good quality clothes for beginners can cost about 200 eur if you buy them in Decathlon. There is no top limit in fact, but for occasional sailor, making 2 -3 trips annually they’re perfect, so unless you’re a fashion victim or plan working offshore – don’t go for anything more expansive.

Occasionally there are organizers who will give you weather gear, which is a very good option to start if you’re not sure if you’ll like it. Those clothes are worn on top of other clothing so they don’t maintain contact with the body of the other person who used it before you.

Another option to address this concern is coming for sailing in… skiing clothes. They’re made of the same materials, the difference is mostly in design.

Everything else you need is non – material. 

You need ability to cooperate with others, willingness to spend time with other people and desire for the adventure.

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