Wise Man On the Boat

Maybe not modestly named, but it is absolutely unique thing among all sailing / cruising providers. Completely free of charge my brain is yours, the only two things you’ll need to do is to take part in the trip and tell me your business pains and struggles. In the middle of the night, when boat will cut waves and wind will howl, we’ll have a cup of tea and discuss those. 

My story

I had a great privilage to work in one of the most successful Europe’s airline – Wizz Air. I’ve spent many years and working with really fantastic colleagues I’ve learnt a lot. My path there started as regular cabin crew and I finished being Senior Manager.

At the time when I worked for this company it was explosively growing start up, already big enough to start establishing processes and procedures which need to be established in corporate environment. I grew up in the story of the success that nobody in 2004 when the airline was founded by Mr. Jozsef Varadi, could ever believed.

 Working this way was incredibly developing experience – I could touch on practically all areas of the business, because being constantly short on headcount, we were stretching ourselves way out of our original job descriptions. Amazingly developing experience.

Years that followed took me through other companies and industries: hospitality, IT, production, training and engagement. Some of those were led better, some of them worse. But in each and single one I’ve learnt something new.

My journey took me as well through five countries in which I lived in the last 10 years so I managed to see really a lot, and I am happy to share it with you.

What can I do for you?

Now, being skipper on board of my own vessel and running my own company I can confidently say that I can easily speak with you on many of your matters – and probably will be able to show you a bit different point of view on the issues you’re facing.

I can easily discuss with you matters related to: 

Recruitment – on all levels, also high volume recruitment. I have personally held more than 300 interviews and wrote multiple job descriptions as well as have been running employee branding activities.

Employee engagement – I worked for a long time in an environment where we needed to find out ways of motivating and engaging employees having no budget or very little budget. Hence we needed to get creative. Let’s get creative together.

Launching the business – I have launched this sailing business, and so far have not bankrupted. I believe it is a good starting point. Also worked for a while in startup enviornment – can help with some ideas from this field as well.

Project management – I’ve been both participating and led really a LOT of projects, also IT ones – I have participated as a business owner in creation of at least two applications.

Employee performance measurement – I’ve made concept, led project and made live crew performance evaluation tool, which is still in use by Wizz. Can easily explain to you how to do such stuff.

Structural issues of rapidly growing businesses – this is my most favourite bit – I’ve been architect of at least four restructuring projects, and I’ve got full know how on how to approach those. It is especially appreciated for the business owners who have a feeling that they’re losing control over their own organization.

Leadership, succession and employee development – very important these days, and I love talking about it. If you don’t know how to grow leaders in your organization – come to me.

Career planning, future career development

… and many others…

Like I mentioned in the beginning – if you decide to come for a sailing cruise with me – you get all those absolutely free of charge. Ask as much as you can.

See you onboard.