Bartosz Sowislo



Born in 1982, the skipper of the yacht. PYA Yachtmaster, RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially Endorsed, PYA Powerboat Skipper, RYA VHF / SRC, RYA Radar, STCW. I sailed mostly on the Baltic Sea, North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.



So far, I’ve lived in five countries, and recently sea, ocean, and sailboat became my home. Once upon a time, I had a well-developed career in extraordinary airline, where I worked with absolutely fantastic people. Later I left it to become (in order of appearance): IT recruiter, Ops director in the restaurant chain, skipper – sailing instructor, and training manager. Almost all my career I’ve worked in an international environment.



In all these places, I’ve met inspiring and wise people. All those people work very hard to keep this world moving forward. I thought it would be great to invite them into sharing my passion and provide the most relaxing way of having rest I can imagine: sailing.





I’ll do all in my force to make sure our sea trip is safe and enjoyable. Being a former cabin crew – safety is part of my DNA. I’m going to make sure it will be a pleasant few days for you. After all – I want it to be enjoyable for me as well. I’m communicating straight – don’t expect too much diplomacy.



Other than adventure sailing, I  like listening to audiobooks; occasionally, I draw portraits with a pencil. I also love kayaks and mountains. I am a Saab car fan (I’ve got one which I rarely use). I like to eat well and drink well, also all types of DIY, and meditate.



You can talk for hours with me about the organizational structures, policies, marketing, recruitment, and so on.



I speak well Polish and English. Intermediate French and Romanian and if I am forced by the situation, even Russian and Spanish.



I’m not a fan of big cities.



I kindly request all my guests not to discuss politics when we’re together onboard.


Mateusz Jamniuk

Mate onboard of the Flying Polishman.

I’ve started my adventure with water on windsurfing, learning it from the World Champion and this is where I’ve learned a courageous approach to sports. I am a young and dynamic person with a plethora of interests. Other than sailing I am interested in downhill. 

I studied Renewable Sources of Energy at high school and now I am a student of Business in Warsaw Koźminski University.

I speak English and Polish.